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Digimon: The Lost World

After playing a game with his sister, Blaze got transported to the Digital World. There, his past mistake comes back to haunt him. So he decides to correct that mistake so no more Digimon will get hurt. Little does he realized that his objective will be more complicated than he thought... Cameos are full! No more available!

Name: Gamefreak506/Flamedramon2657
Name in comic: Blaze
Age in comic: 15
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Yoshi
Homeworld: Real World (AKA Human World)
Personality: Calm
Weapon of choice: Sword.
Bio: Blaze is a human from the Real World and he has been asked to explore a lost world by Digimon. Although they technically "kidnapped" him, he seems to haven't notice this. His nickname "Blaze" came from some of his friends because he had a habit of using fire based attacks. That habit is gone.
The stripes on Blaze's shirt acts like a Digivice that can be used to recall his Digimon whenever he needs to. If he does, he's able to use some of that Digimon's power while they're resting.
The reason why the Digimon see him as a human but his friends and the readers (fourth wall doesn't count here) see him as a Yoshi hasn't been explained in a comic yet.
Battle style: Blaze is well balanced in both offensive and healing Artes. So he's capable of defending himself when he's alone and healing his friends when they get in trouble.

Name: Bogumon
Age in comic: 2?
Gender: Male
Race: Data Digimon
Homeworld: Digital World
Personality: Timid
Weapon of choice: Claws
Bio: Of the four Digimon that Blaze have, Bogumon's the most timid. Without someone to look up to, he has a difficult time thinking what to do by himself. Luckily for him, he is almost never alone thanks to his friends, so he isn't worried much.
Battle style: Bogumon's timid nature does not suit him well in close combat. However, his ability to use offensive, healing, and support magics makes up for it. As long as his friends give him some cover, he's always able to support them with his magic.


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